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 Nature based projects
 Malarking about in nature !

​​Mallydams Mosaic and Me project Nov 2013


The project was awarded Earlyarts seed challenge funding and has provided Mosaic Malarky an opportunity to work in partnership with Mallydams RSPCA education centre to coordinate a nature based art programme at their lovely woodland setting which involved 22 children from two local nurseries, staff and volunteers.

The weekly sessions included clay-play, troll tree making, following an art trail, identifying animal paw prints, swishing leaves and plenty of imaginative play. The children enjoyed carving into the clay and making animal track prints on their clay tiles. We glaze-painted the tiles which have been set into a large mosaic welcome sign displayed at the beginning of the woodland trail

Team Forest 2013

​​In Partnership with Hastings Academy

I was asked to run two consecutive workshops at Hastings Academy Summer school as part of a nature-based art programme for Team Forest during the summer holiday activities planned for all Hastings Academy pupils 2013.

We gathered some natural material from the woodland which we then combined together to create individual compositions/ images inspired by the natural surroundings at Mallydams woodland which were affixed onto ceramic tiles and set into a thin-set/ grout mixed glue base.

The pieces were varnished and taken home as a keep-sake.

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