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Community Mosaic Projects, 
events and Public Commissions


All Saints Junior School year 4 Olympic Project





The class pupils produced pencil drawings to represent sporting activities at the Olympic Games, and we chose five images to illustrate the sports inside the Olympic rings as part of the mosaic design.

 Running, Weightlifting, Swimming, Sailing, and Archery were chosen because the children decided that they are particularly relevant to the history of Hastings.

The pupils have been involved with most aspects of the work including measuring, organising colours, choosing and sticking down ceramic tiles, tracing images onto the backboard and sharing creative ideas which I have endeavored to include; changing the piece accordingly as we go along!  

We have combined small glass tiles, recycled swimming pool tiles, pebbles and ceramic tiles, some of which have been generously donated by Shades Tiles and from Topps Tiles; both based in the Hastings area. We are most grateful for this contribution.

The piece is affixed to a wall in the school playground as a commemoration of the 2012 London Olympics.

School Mosaic Project Article
Work in Progress Mosaic School Project
Finished Mosaic School Project Hastings

Hastings Trust Community Mosaic

I was awarded a grant through the Hastings Trust Community enablers scheme during December 2012 to provide a community mosaic project offering local residents an opportunity to come together and learn the process of mosaic making


We created a large piece for the Ore Community Center, displayed in the main hall, Hastings. 

"Hugely enjoyable, stimulating and relaxing working with such a group of creative, enthusiastic people led in such a flexible, friendly manner. Emma is a delight to work with, positive and completely encouraging" Esther De Angelis​














Ore centre community mosaic 2_edited.jpg
Working on the Hastings Trust Community Mosaic

"Really enjoying community creativity and the inspiration gained from working on this project. Emma is a very bubbly enthusiastic tutor! - would love to do more" Carleen Hunt

Using mesh backing for some areas allows the artist to work in detail making room for the larger aspects of the mosaic to be affixed without crowding! These pieces are added onto the main mosaic when ready.

Pocket Park  Community Mosaic


The Pocket park is a community space open to local residents for early years play and environmental education. This project was coordinated to cover the surrounding wall of one of the raised beds in the garden, inviting local residents to take part in a creative activity together and donate time and tiles! 

Pocket Park Community Mosaic

Making a mirror wave motif along the top of the wall adding shells to represent the shore and sea creatures 

Filling in using a variety of donated crocks and pebbles.  Finished wall before grouting.

Emma Law Grouting Mosaic Pocket Park Hastings

Hastings adventure playground
Friendship Mosaic 

I encouraged the children to create and draw the design - We photographed a figure they had painted on the wall and used carbon paper to transfer the image onto the board

Great fun grouting!                                                          Finishing up

HFS Thrift Fest
Community Mosaic

Hastings Furniture Service invited Mosaic Malarky to run a community activity at thier Thrift Fest 30th Anniversary celebration

I decided to invite the public to take part in creating a mosaic of the HFS Logo

HFS Logo_edited_edited.jpg

The mosaic was created by a wide range of ages, and provided a really popular activity 

It was very satisfying to have managed to stick everything down by the end of the event!

Our Mosaic_edited.jpg

Hollington Dinosaur Mosaic Community Project

Drop in holiday mosaic sessions at the Tile Barn Community Centre, Hollington

week 1 tile barn dinosaur .jpg

Open air mosaic sessions at the Woody woodland Community Garden, Hollington


Such a fabulous project!

Hastings Museum provided a good programme of activities

Many 'fossils' were created by local kids over the duration of the holiday sessions 

Here is an Iguanadons Claw made using plaster of Paris!


Finishing off Studio Antics! 


Back at the Mosaic Malarky Studio - last adjustments insue with my lovely creative pals Carole, Jayne and Nat - Thanks so much for your support! 


Affixing Iguanadon Hollingtonesis!


HUGE Thanks to the dudes from 'Surviving the Streets' for affixing the mosaic in place at the Woody Woodland Community Garden 


Grouting the Dinosaur Mosaic in situe...


The Reveal of the Dinosaur on your Doorstep!


The Great Reveal of the mosaic at the Woody woodland Community Garden, Hollington 

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